Monday, 28 June 2010

Bring a gun, we got trash to dispose of.

There are some people that just need to die in a fire.

Jorge Larrionda is one of them, disallowing Frank Lampard's goal was absolutely disgusting. Thus resulting in England going into half-time 2-1 down.

As you can see his track record isn't great.

What we need is a bit of Pierluigi Collina.

Rant over,

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Open question:

Please give me ONE acceptable reason, why anyone would fit a Sensor Booster on their Interceptor.

And NO, targeting range is not an acceptable reason, fit a Signal Amplifier, use the midslots for tackle.

And why would you NOT fit a Stasis Webifier?

I've explained the above questions to people in-game before, but I got into an arguement about this again, and it made me emoragelog.

RAGE - Killing In The Name Of

No, not the song!

m3 Corporation has joined R.A.G.E Alliance, who are part of the Northern Coalition. BFF right?

So far kills have been low, have lost 3 ships due to stupidity/hopefullness, however you wish to see it.

After 9 days of being in R.A.G.E, I'm still getting used to how things are operated and executed. I've seen many similarites and many differences between the NC and Providence.

Did go on one roam though, found absolutely no russians, got so bored of finding nothing, even setting up a stop bubble caught us nothing. When finally a legion turned up, our interceptor pilot chose at that time to be AFK for a bio. Oh, well. Again to the bordem spree, set up a spider drone tank though.

Drone Spider Tank, sorry for the awful picture quality, Blogger is stupid.

Fly safe guys,

P.S. On a side note, England for the World Cup!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Dedication to Qazar

I would just like to mention Qazar of m3 Corp is a douchebag and a Star Wars nerd. He is also gay.

Interview: Chris Vattic of Paxton Industries - Paxton Federation

I decided to interview a fellow alliance member this morning to get a point of view and opinion from Paxton Federation that isn't plastered by a load of smacktalk from other people.

Here is the following interview with Chris Vattic, Personnel Manager of Paxton Industries of Paxton Federation:

Chris Vattic > Hey
MushskiC > Hello Chris Vattic, thank you for taking the time to have this interview.
Chris Vattic > My pleasure
MushskiC > You are in Paxton Industries, the executor and founding corporation of Paxton Federation. What does PXIN do, and what are its main priorities?
Chris Vattic > All of our corporations have an equal part in the everyday life of the alliance, the executor status happened to fall on us due to the fact we were one of the first original members of the federation :)
Chris Vattic > Paxton Industries is currently gathering strength and getting ready to move on to our new home, wherever fate take us.
MushskiC > What do you think makes Paxton Federation as a whole special or unique?
Chris Vattic > During the last two months our people have shown incredible commitment and dedication for the alliance even against massive odds, we can definitely be proud of our unity
Chris Vattic > Even when our close allies were conquered our participation numbers remained very high until the very end
MushskiC > Paxton has shown lately in tough times and against a superior amount of enemies still keep fighting and have a rock solid determination in offense of hostile space and defence of its home space. Why do you think this is?
Chris Vattic > We have always tried to maintain a positive atmosphere, the likely outcome of the conflict was always kept in mind and we were prepared for it, but that is no reason not to get as many good fights out of it as possible :)
Chris Vattic > Yes, it is truly a shame what happened to Providence and I'm sure we will all miss the place that has been our home for over three years, but we have gathered so much experience and hopefully the alliance will emerge stronger than it has ever been before
MushskiC > Very true, as you mentioned before, PXF is considering a new home, what is Paxton's current situation, especially concerning the morale of the membership?
Chris Vattic > We have quite a few promising options available right now, currently our people are in negotiations with various alliances to determine the best location
MushskiC > Of course, so as a whole Paxton has come out of this war in higher spirits than before. How would you say Paxton's relations with the "New Providence Holders" are?
Chris Vattic > Ushra'Khan and Against ALL Authorities have been our opponents for
years and everyone who is allied with them will naturally receive the same standings as them, I wish them the best of luck and hopefully our crosshairs will meet again :)
MushskiC > What are your views on Against ALL Authorities apparent respect towards Paxton's attitude and fighting spirit, culminating in the return of D-GTMI?Chris Vattic > We have always maintained a relationship of respect and good will, something that might be hard to understand for outsiders
Chris Vattic > Throughout the years we have kept each others' PvPers entertained and we wouldn't be nearly as competent fighters as we are today without AAA's regular visits :)
MushskiC > Aye, since our time is limited by the threat of downtime, I would like to say thank you for taking the time for this interview, and behalf of yourself, Paxton Industries or Paxton Federation, is there anything you would like to add?
Chris Vattic > It's been a pleasure, I would like to say that even though losing our home has been a setback we are still very much alive and kicking and we're all
looking forward to new adventures and challenges :)
MushskiC > Quick final question before EVE shuts down, how is Paxton's cake supply looking?
Chris Vattic > I'm afraid the logs show nothing
MushskiC > Thanks for your time Chris! Fly safe. o7
Chris Vattic > You too

If you liked this, good, because I'll be interviewing my CEO soon too. =D

Friday, 28 May 2010

m3 Corp Bloggers

With some amazing help from Rixx Javix, I have now added an m3 Blog Roll on the page you see now. m3 has an amazing 7 bloggers currently, possibly a record for any Corporation! m3 has also been a host to many other bloggers, so you can tell m3 is an active, vibrant and close-knit community.

Without further ado:

m3 Bloggers:

Kirith Kodachi
Lumenarious Rex
Rixx Javix
Angor Mau

ex-m3 Bloggers:

Arth Lawing
Jager Da

Sorry to Dresarian and Arth, I have lost your address', I will update as soon as possible. Anyone I have completely forgotton to mention, sorry, hit me up in-game!
EDIT: Links Updated.

As for the corp logo, once the server goes up I'll get the new shiny corp logo.
EDIT: Corp Logo replaced.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Resumation of Blogging

Hi, sorry I haven't blogged in AGES.

Rokh Sniper Battleship "Boomstick" Ready for CTA action in defence of PXF space.

I will now say what has happened since my last post:

  • D-GTMI has been returned to Paxton by Against ALL Authorities.
  • Paxton assisted their allies CVA in the AY-24I fight, with NO intention of taking sovereignty. (Destroying an offline TCU in a system with no sovereign claimer is NOT sov warfare).
  • U'K and Providence Pets try to take MH9C-S and was successfully saved by Paxton forces, pretty decently too.
  • U'K and Providence Pets assault multiple Paxton systems at the same time in our weakest timezone. (Cowardice?)
  • 4 Paxton systems are lost, 2 were saved, leaving PXF with 5 systems.
  • Paxton have called numerous CTAs in defence of remaining systems, taking out 17 carriers with the help of Pandemic Legion.
  • X-R3NM has been recaptured by CVA.

Some pretty epic stuff in there right?

So why have I decided to resume blogging again. A discussion came up regarding CVA, and I gotta say, my PERSONAL view of them is not great. Every time I have joined a CVA fleet I have been extremely disappointed, and I promise myself I will never join another one. But I do. Why? I join because I want to shoot stuff, I want to have fun, and again, I am bitterly disappointed.

At one time we had a Paxton fleet standing by to titan bridge into a system where their POS had been put into reinforced. We were left doing nothing for ages. When finally we were told to bridge in, they said "Snipers can stand down". Why make us titan bridge in, then stand down?! No comment.

I give you here an AAR I made a few months ago:

Call went up in Intel for a low sec POS bash, Stealth Bombers only. I being the n00b I am without voice comms assessed on whether or not it was worth risking it.

POS Offline, no guns, no hostiles, Medium Tower, didn't need voice comms, only needed a Stealth Bomber, easy kill

Lead by CVA, Initial low numbers, No Intel on potential opposition, low sec op

When I joined there were initially 5 SB pilots. Poor turnout. Not that I
blame any of PXF to join them anyway after the previous op.
In the end their turned out to be about 7 SB pilots and about 3 Battleships.

Once we arrived at POS location a friendly cyno went up and a Dreadnought and Carrier were brought in.

Hostile Prophecy warped in at 170km. Warped away to gate, then back to the POS at 0, right into the middle of us. He melted.
Same guy came back at 110km in a Zealot. 2 CVA SB's melted. He warped
off, then back and kept doing it. In total about 4 CVA bombers melted.
Zealot was hero tackled in a belt, and taken down. POS finally went

Fleet composition, coordination, cooperation, execution, safety, Intel, orders, relays and FC was awful.


FC did not order/ask for Capital ships and was surprised when friendly cyno went up.
Voice comms were not used effectively.
Fleet chat relay was non-existent.
FC did not designate a secondary FC before op or even during op after he had been taken down despite me asking twice.
Finally once secondary FC was designated, said FC wasn't even in system.
Too many CVA SBs were lost.
They should have warped off or cloaked when zealot was on grid.
Lack of use of directional scanners from all members, no intel on reds in system.
Reckless use of capital ships.

However objective achieved and POS was taken down. Despite in the piss poor way it was executed.

Anyway rant over.

I have now trained for my Chimera class Carrier, I am extremely happy with it, and now to train to m3 fleet standard!

Fly safe, Mush out.