Saturday, 12 December 2009

Skill Plan Update

Done a few ships skills while I've been unable to play, normally queuing up longer skills such as Battleship 4, Cruiser 5 and Battlecruiser 5. Along with a few more Learning skills and various other long skills, my skill pie chart now looks like this:

I plan to fly a Nighthawk when I return so thumbs up for that. Training for T2 heavy missiles now. I saw that I do not now need to train Energy Management 5 for Thermodynamics (for overheating), great plus for me, but a bit annoying I should imagine for people that did train for it. Oh, well.

I have my eyes on a couple of Corporations that interest me, but until I get back to my usual gaming time I shall wait a bit longer.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Lack of EVE Playing

I have now not been on EVE for over 2 months, unfortunately University does not condone online gaming through their network.

Otherwise as the avid gamer I am I have been ploughing through Xbox 360 games like there is no tomorrow. I must say that I normally am not a fan of racing games, but Forza Motorsport 3 gets a real thumbs up from me. Superb graphics, great menu music, car replication, track replication, the car sounds are all brilliant, not to mention the over 50 hours of career mode gameplay. The only downside is the lack of music and also lack of good music while racing, coupled with the weird spectators, spoils it a tad.

I also see a lot of people wanting to know what the music is on FM3, well use your initiative like me, and look at the credits. All the songs are listed there.

EVE wise, I have made sure all my training is kept churning away, nearly able to fly a nighthawk now. Been trying to keep up with what's happening but it's just not he same without actually playing the game. Also steamrolling through the amount of unread blogs I have amounting at one time to over 800. Sadface. I'm getting through it, you can trust me on that.

Blog wise, no one follows my blog. Extreme sadface, nevermind, maybe one day people will look at me and think "Wow, I knew that guy". No? Oh, well, I can always dream.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Skill plan update

Just thought that while a random socket is closing on me I'll let you know about my character skills.

I, unlike quite a few people only have 1 account, I can't afford anymore. I'm not Bill Gates.

I have 3 characters, only 1 of which I use: MushskiC.
The other 2 are alts in the other alliance corporations for administrative purposes only.

MushskiC is born and bred for combat, with a couple of random skills chucked in.
Typical Caldari, my skills are trained in shields and missiles. I do plan on branching into hybrids and blasters sometime though. I can fly every caldari T2 frigate and every caldari T1 ship up to battleship, apart from the Rokh! I do want one though, so I will get on it. My main ship has been for a few months, the Drake. A solid tank and capable of holding its own in most situations. Quite flexible with fittings too. Some people have progressed further ship wise and to that I applaud them and yet disapprove of them. Flying a BS like a Raven, which I can do, but rarely, if you can't fit it out and be comfortable with using it, then I won't fly it. I am fully confident in my Raven, but I do prefer my Drake at the moment. Like loads of people have said, don't fly a ship you cannot afford to replace. I strongly agree with this and seeing people use Ravens with heavy missiles just make me cringe. Why must people do this? What are they thinking?

I see FAILFITS so many times that I just despair sometimes.

So without further ado, here so far is my skill layout:

Bit of a moan...

Being raped by a closing socket on both Tranquility and Sisi is not fun, let alone the unexpected downtimes we've been having, Mush is not happy.

In other news today, usual level 3 mission grinding this morning in my awesome trusty Drake (Pancake Mark VIII), got a MINING mission with an intelligence agent... just my luck, asked someone in the alliance to do it for me. =D

Traveled to Uitra, afterwards, mainly to do the career/tutorial missions for lols. It's not very lol-able at all, it's dead boring. XD

Sisi wise, found out that 3 towers had been erected in my wonderful sovereign signed space! That just won't do. Grabbed the torpedo Raven and proceeded to "have a peek". Resulted in me going angry-green-hulk on 3 towers, destroying 2 Moon Harvesting Arrays, 2 Coupling Arrays, 2 Silos and 3 Corporation Hangers. Obviously me pounding away at a control tower in a lonely Raven won't do, so I gave up. Mind you I hope they get the annoying mail "Your starbase is under attack".

1. I know PvP is meant to be consensual.
2. My space, my system, don't contest me, it's against the rules.
3. pr0 tip, if you're gonna plant a POS in my system, make sure you FUEL it.

Peace out. o7

First Blog Ever!


Kinda new to all this blogging stuff and what not, but hey I'll give it my best shot!

A few questions you may be asking:

1) Who the hell am I?
2) What's with the name?
3) I don't see how that relates to EVE at all...
4) OMG I LOVE MushskiC!
5) Wait, how do you pronounce that?!

Okies introduction first!

1. I am just an average guy, I live in England (cheers all round) and I play EVE Online.
I am Aaron Penn, 18, about to start Uni - going to Plymouth to read Ocean Exploration.
In EVE I am MushskiC, current CEO of the Guild Navy of the Guild Alliance. I am also the soon to be retiring Alliance Diplomat and Mascot. I am your typical Caldari missile spewing, shield tanking kinda person, I like to shoot stuff, whether this be missioning, PvP, Faction Wars, Wormhole space, 0.0 space or pirate hunting.

2. The name? Well I like it, I came up with it years ago, mostly because I was messing around on Halo PC thinking of alliterations. I think that's what an alliteration is anyway, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. BUT BE NICE ABOUT IT! =P

3. No it doesn't. I did try and think of an EVE related name, CrazyKinux already has musing, so...
MushskiC's Manticores? I don't think so. Besides I like marshmallows more than manticores.

4. Yes, I know. Spread this blog around. =)

5. MushskiC? I've heard many variations and pronunciations. Let's go to the beginning. I used to play Halo PC, used to be called "a mushroom". Why?! Dude, wtf?! Let me explain, when I killed someone it would say: RANDOMGUY was killed by a mushroom. At the time it was pretty random and funny, still is random, idk about funny. I'm a random kinda guy. Ok so, that got shortened to Mush, and then I've had variations on that, mostly by other people. Mushy, Mushie, Mushykins, Mushmush, M, M-town (don't ask). Well the list goes on. Anyway in EVE i decided to sign up my character as Mushski, after a week or so I decided to go the Caldari route, MushskiC was born. C for Caldari. ;)
How to pronounce that? Mush-ski-see. Easy. However everyone just says Mush, which is a lot easier.

Right I will do another post later explaining who I am in EVE, why I started blogging and about my alliance.

Fly safe people.

P.S. ISK Donations are VERY welcome. =D
P.P.S. Obviously I'm new to this so as I go on, the blogs will become more fancy with pictures etc.