Saturday, 12 December 2009

Skill Plan Update

Done a few ships skills while I've been unable to play, normally queuing up longer skills such as Battleship 4, Cruiser 5 and Battlecruiser 5. Along with a few more Learning skills and various other long skills, my skill pie chart now looks like this:

I plan to fly a Nighthawk when I return so thumbs up for that. Training for T2 heavy missiles now. I saw that I do not now need to train Energy Management 5 for Thermodynamics (for overheating), great plus for me, but a bit annoying I should imagine for people that did train for it. Oh, well.

I have my eyes on a couple of Corporations that interest me, but until I get back to my usual gaming time I shall wait a bit longer.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Lack of EVE Playing

I have now not been on EVE for over 2 months, unfortunately University does not condone online gaming through their network.

Otherwise as the avid gamer I am I have been ploughing through Xbox 360 games like there is no tomorrow. I must say that I normally am not a fan of racing games, but Forza Motorsport 3 gets a real thumbs up from me. Superb graphics, great menu music, car replication, track replication, the car sounds are all brilliant, not to mention the over 50 hours of career mode gameplay. The only downside is the lack of music and also lack of good music while racing, coupled with the weird spectators, spoils it a tad.

I also see a lot of people wanting to know what the music is on FM3, well use your initiative like me, and look at the credits. All the songs are listed there.

EVE wise, I have made sure all my training is kept churning away, nearly able to fly a nighthawk now. Been trying to keep up with what's happening but it's just not he same without actually playing the game. Also steamrolling through the amount of unread blogs I have amounting at one time to over 800. Sadface. I'm getting through it, you can trust me on that.

Blog wise, no one follows my blog. Extreme sadface, nevermind, maybe one day people will look at me and think "Wow, I knew that guy". No? Oh, well, I can always dream.