Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Future

Providence has now lost 2 systems, D-GTMI and 9UY4-H. Both of which are important strategical systems for CVA and allies. Looking at the Providence and Catch system maps, it seems as though more and more systems are falling under the control of our enemies. Against All Authorities own D-G, which used to be a Paxton Federation system, and also a home for m3, right on the edge of Providence it was a strategically important stronghold. 9UY is now owned again by Ushra Khan, the station renamed "Unity Station" was formerly owned by U'K. 9UY was also one of the market stations and again of strategical importance to CVA with it being a key system for northern Providence. The system of J6QB-P in Catch formerly owned by Sylph Alliance is also owned by U'K, Sylph have also lost sovereignity in W9-DID.

My point is even though I am not able to play EVE at the moment, it feels as though the walls are closing in. We are the defenders in a cave with our backs to the wall and no way out apart from outside, right into the enemy. Even so, I can say, morale wise, m3 are still up for a fight and are doing what they do best, dish out pain. Personally I am definately still in the fight, as long as we can fight I'll do it in every ship I have, until I lose them all, and then, I'll buy some more. We do not give up, "first to fight, last to leave" is our second motto, and apparently why we lose more ships ratio wise than any other corporation in fleets. Morale overall in Proviblock though? Sketchy I would say.

What will the future of Providence be? Rumours are flying around about friend and foes alike, some with solid, hard evidence, some from a random pink lemming falling off an apple tree in the Houses of Parliment. -A- are formidable enemies, and yet, Proviblock is still standing tall, proud and defiant. Reports of unexpected war declarations from Morhus Mihi and Razor Alliances have been confirmed against -A-, I do not know their motives or whether or not how much of an impact that this wil have on Providence and not to mention the situation regarding c0ven and -A-.Will Providence fall? I doubt it. But how much damage and punishment can it take before -A- suffer the consequences?

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