Saturday, 20 February 2010

No post for 10 days you say?

Been ill for what seems like a million years, I was pretty much a vegtable for 2 days as well. As a person that runs everyday and eats pretty healthy, it's just not fair. So, without more moaning, sorry for the lack of postage!

Things in Providence seem to be settling down now, however I won't cross my fingers.

My opinion on 9UY4-H?

Unfortunate loss I'm sure, but since I've been in m3 I don't think I went there once, I've been a couple of times previously, but I don't see it as a major loss. Besides we did let it go with little to no defense, much to my dismay, no, correction, shock and disbelief. I'm sure the tactical reasons that were explained to us are right in some ways, however, I'm not one for laying back while we get our asses handed to us. Heck, maybe it will give people an aim, to take it back. Or maybe not.

Small gang warfare and roams which we love (compared to POS bashing and sovereignty wars anyway) is rife and looking at m3's killboard, looking extremely destructive for all those who oppose us. =D

Next post will show my "evespace" which seems to be the craze at the moment. I could show you now, but there's a tad of tidying up to do!

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