Friday, 28 May 2010

m3 Corp Bloggers

With some amazing help from Rixx Javix, I have now added an m3 Blog Roll on the page you see now. m3 has an amazing 7 bloggers currently, possibly a record for any Corporation! m3 has also been a host to many other bloggers, so you can tell m3 is an active, vibrant and close-knit community.

Without further ado:

m3 Bloggers:

Kirith Kodachi
Lumenarious Rex
Rixx Javix
Angor Mau

ex-m3 Bloggers:

Arth Lawing
Jager Da

Sorry to Dresarian and Arth, I have lost your address', I will update as soon as possible. Anyone I have completely forgotton to mention, sorry, hit me up in-game!
EDIT: Links Updated.

As for the corp logo, once the server goes up I'll get the new shiny corp logo.
EDIT: Corp Logo replaced.


  1. I was totally thinking of doing this. And I'm totally going to steal yours :)

  2. LOL so was I! So you shamed me into it, now the M3 blog-roll is right under the M3 banner on my site as well.