Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Resumation of Blogging

Hi, sorry I haven't blogged in AGES.

Rokh Sniper Battleship "Boomstick" Ready for CTA action in defence of PXF space.

I will now say what has happened since my last post:

  • D-GTMI has been returned to Paxton by Against ALL Authorities.
  • Paxton assisted their allies CVA in the AY-24I fight, with NO intention of taking sovereignty. (Destroying an offline TCU in a system with no sovereign claimer is NOT sov warfare).
  • U'K and Providence Pets try to take MH9C-S and was successfully saved by Paxton forces, pretty decently too.
  • U'K and Providence Pets assault multiple Paxton systems at the same time in our weakest timezone. (Cowardice?)
  • 4 Paxton systems are lost, 2 were saved, leaving PXF with 5 systems.
  • Paxton have called numerous CTAs in defence of remaining systems, taking out 17 carriers with the help of Pandemic Legion.
  • X-R3NM has been recaptured by CVA.

Some pretty epic stuff in there right?

So why have I decided to resume blogging again. A discussion came up regarding CVA, and I gotta say, my PERSONAL view of them is not great. Every time I have joined a CVA fleet I have been extremely disappointed, and I promise myself I will never join another one. But I do. Why? I join because I want to shoot stuff, I want to have fun, and again, I am bitterly disappointed.

At one time we had a Paxton fleet standing by to titan bridge into a system where their POS had been put into reinforced. We were left doing nothing for ages. When finally we were told to bridge in, they said "Snipers can stand down". Why make us titan bridge in, then stand down?! No comment.

I give you here an AAR I made a few months ago:

Call went up in Intel for a low sec POS bash, Stealth Bombers only. I being the n00b I am without voice comms assessed on whether or not it was worth risking it.

POS Offline, no guns, no hostiles, Medium Tower, didn't need voice comms, only needed a Stealth Bomber, easy kill

Lead by CVA, Initial low numbers, No Intel on potential opposition, low sec op

When I joined there were initially 5 SB pilots. Poor turnout. Not that I
blame any of PXF to join them anyway after the previous op.
In the end their turned out to be about 7 SB pilots and about 3 Battleships.

Once we arrived at POS location a friendly cyno went up and a Dreadnought and Carrier were brought in.

Hostile Prophecy warped in at 170km. Warped away to gate, then back to the POS at 0, right into the middle of us. He melted.
Same guy came back at 110km in a Zealot. 2 CVA SB's melted. He warped
off, then back and kept doing it. In total about 4 CVA bombers melted.
Zealot was hero tackled in a belt, and taken down. POS finally went

Fleet composition, coordination, cooperation, execution, safety, Intel, orders, relays and FC was awful.


FC did not order/ask for Capital ships and was surprised when friendly cyno went up.
Voice comms were not used effectively.
Fleet chat relay was non-existent.
FC did not designate a secondary FC before op or even during op after he had been taken down despite me asking twice.
Finally once secondary FC was designated, said FC wasn't even in system.
Too many CVA SBs were lost.
They should have warped off or cloaked when zealot was on grid.
Lack of use of directional scanners from all members, no intel on reds in system.
Reckless use of capital ships.

However objective achieved and POS was taken down. Despite in the piss poor way it was executed.

Anyway rant over.

I have now trained for my Chimera class Carrier, I am extremely happy with it, and now to train to m3 fleet standard!

Fly safe, Mush out.

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