Thursday, 17 June 2010


Open question:

Please give me ONE acceptable reason, why anyone would fit a Sensor Booster on their Interceptor.

And NO, targeting range is not an acceptable reason, fit a Signal Amplifier, use the midslots for tackle.

And why would you NOT fit a Stasis Webifier?

I've explained the above questions to people in-game before, but I got into an arguement about this again, and it made me emoragelog.


  1. One reason is using Inty in a small gang trying to catch SB who are ganking Industrials leaving station. Even with almost insta lock it is hard to catch the bastards before they warp after dropping a bomb.

  2. The only time I used a SB on my ceptor, and only on Crows, was when I knew it would be in a gang situation. With other ceptors around, because fast lock means catching more bad guys. That same logic dictates not using a web and fitting a long point instead. Grabbing someone quickly from further away and holding them until back-up arrives is an acceptable tactic.

    I don't really fly Crows anymore, and don't have the same issues in other ships.