Thursday, 17 June 2010

RAGE - Killing In The Name Of

No, not the song!

m3 Corporation has joined R.A.G.E Alliance, who are part of the Northern Coalition. BFF right?

So far kills have been low, have lost 3 ships due to stupidity/hopefullness, however you wish to see it.

After 9 days of being in R.A.G.E, I'm still getting used to how things are operated and executed. I've seen many similarites and many differences between the NC and Providence.

Did go on one roam though, found absolutely no russians, got so bored of finding nothing, even setting up a stop bubble caught us nothing. When finally a legion turned up, our interceptor pilot chose at that time to be AFK for a bio. Oh, well. Again to the bordem spree, set up a spider drone tank though.

Drone Spider Tank, sorry for the awful picture quality, Blogger is stupid.

Fly safe guys,

P.S. On a side note, England for the World Cup!

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