Sunday, 13 September 2009

Bit of a moan...

Being raped by a closing socket on both Tranquility and Sisi is not fun, let alone the unexpected downtimes we've been having, Mush is not happy.

In other news today, usual level 3 mission grinding this morning in my awesome trusty Drake (Pancake Mark VIII), got a MINING mission with an intelligence agent... just my luck, asked someone in the alliance to do it for me. =D

Traveled to Uitra, afterwards, mainly to do the career/tutorial missions for lols. It's not very lol-able at all, it's dead boring. XD

Sisi wise, found out that 3 towers had been erected in my wonderful sovereign signed space! That just won't do. Grabbed the torpedo Raven and proceeded to "have a peek". Resulted in me going angry-green-hulk on 3 towers, destroying 2 Moon Harvesting Arrays, 2 Coupling Arrays, 2 Silos and 3 Corporation Hangers. Obviously me pounding away at a control tower in a lonely Raven won't do, so I gave up. Mind you I hope they get the annoying mail "Your starbase is under attack".

1. I know PvP is meant to be consensual.
2. My space, my system, don't contest me, it's against the rules.
3. pr0 tip, if you're gonna plant a POS in my system, make sure you FUEL it.

Peace out. o7

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