Sunday, 13 September 2009

First Blog Ever!


Kinda new to all this blogging stuff and what not, but hey I'll give it my best shot!

A few questions you may be asking:

1) Who the hell am I?
2) What's with the name?
3) I don't see how that relates to EVE at all...
4) OMG I LOVE MushskiC!
5) Wait, how do you pronounce that?!

Okies introduction first!

1. I am just an average guy, I live in England (cheers all round) and I play EVE Online.
I am Aaron Penn, 18, about to start Uni - going to Plymouth to read Ocean Exploration.
In EVE I am MushskiC, current CEO of the Guild Navy of the Guild Alliance. I am also the soon to be retiring Alliance Diplomat and Mascot. I am your typical Caldari missile spewing, shield tanking kinda person, I like to shoot stuff, whether this be missioning, PvP, Faction Wars, Wormhole space, 0.0 space or pirate hunting.

2. The name? Well I like it, I came up with it years ago, mostly because I was messing around on Halo PC thinking of alliterations. I think that's what an alliteration is anyway, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. BUT BE NICE ABOUT IT! =P

3. No it doesn't. I did try and think of an EVE related name, CrazyKinux already has musing, so...
MushskiC's Manticores? I don't think so. Besides I like marshmallows more than manticores.

4. Yes, I know. Spread this blog around. =)

5. MushskiC? I've heard many variations and pronunciations. Let's go to the beginning. I used to play Halo PC, used to be called "a mushroom". Why?! Dude, wtf?! Let me explain, when I killed someone it would say: RANDOMGUY was killed by a mushroom. At the time it was pretty random and funny, still is random, idk about funny. I'm a random kinda guy. Ok so, that got shortened to Mush, and then I've had variations on that, mostly by other people. Mushy, Mushie, Mushykins, Mushmush, M, M-town (don't ask). Well the list goes on. Anyway in EVE i decided to sign up my character as Mushski, after a week or so I decided to go the Caldari route, MushskiC was born. C for Caldari. ;)
How to pronounce that? Mush-ski-see. Easy. However everyone just says Mush, which is a lot easier.

Right I will do another post later explaining who I am in EVE, why I started blogging and about my alliance.

Fly safe people.

P.S. ISK Donations are VERY welcome. =D
P.P.S. Obviously I'm new to this so as I go on, the blogs will become more fancy with pictures etc.

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