Sunday, 13 September 2009

Skill plan update

Just thought that while a random socket is closing on me I'll let you know about my character skills.

I, unlike quite a few people only have 1 account, I can't afford anymore. I'm not Bill Gates.

I have 3 characters, only 1 of which I use: MushskiC.
The other 2 are alts in the other alliance corporations for administrative purposes only.

MushskiC is born and bred for combat, with a couple of random skills chucked in.
Typical Caldari, my skills are trained in shields and missiles. I do plan on branching into hybrids and blasters sometime though. I can fly every caldari T2 frigate and every caldari T1 ship up to battleship, apart from the Rokh! I do want one though, so I will get on it. My main ship has been for a few months, the Drake. A solid tank and capable of holding its own in most situations. Quite flexible with fittings too. Some people have progressed further ship wise and to that I applaud them and yet disapprove of them. Flying a BS like a Raven, which I can do, but rarely, if you can't fit it out and be comfortable with using it, then I won't fly it. I am fully confident in my Raven, but I do prefer my Drake at the moment. Like loads of people have said, don't fly a ship you cannot afford to replace. I strongly agree with this and seeing people use Ravens with heavy missiles just make me cringe. Why must people do this? What are they thinking?

I see FAILFITS so many times that I just despair sometimes.

So without further ado, here so far is my skill layout:

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