Saturday, 23 January 2010

A Cinematic Experience

Here's a collection of screenshots I've taken in EVE which just demonstrate what New Eden can provide us. Which is frankly damn good eye candy. Who needs to actually play the game if you can see it!

We all know the Drake has a beast of a tank.

Doing some 0.0 plexes with fellow corporation pilots.

Battle badger? When EVE goes a bit wrong. However a ship with the transportation of a badger and the defence of a drake would be pretty awesome. It's amazing how well the two ships actually seem to fit together.

Faction Wars love, I must say its a very interesting gameplay style, not as organised as Providence fleets though.

Wormhole candy, I must say I love it to pieces, I wish backgrounds like this were implemented into known space.

Shame about the damage notification for an otherwise beautiful wormhole background.

Hope you enjoyed!
EDIT: I can tell you know trying to upload and edit pictures on to blogger is a real pain in the proverbial, any advice on how I can do it more efficiently would be nice. I would also love the pictures to be bigger, if possible?


  1. What size are the original screen shots?

    I just pop mine open in paint and reduce them to a pixel width of 1200. Big enough to still look pretty when expanded, but not so big they take forever to upload.

  2. Original size is 1920 x 1080, how do I upload them so if you click them they show original/full size? Or even just to show them bigger would be nice. Thanks. =)