Friday, 22 January 2010

Kirith Kodachi's Mention

Well to be perfectly honest I didn't expect that at all!
I was expecting more along the lines of "Mush says hi" or something.
I must say that being mentioned on Kirith's blog is a huuuuge honour and now I feel in debt to him to write an extremely good post.

However, me, not being that good at any kind of writing at all, will come apparent to you guys extremely soon. (It does not help being at nightclub rep as well for the last 7 hours, drinking a tad too much, and knowing you have a lecture to attend in 5 hours. Not to mention this Biology essay I have to do in 9 hours, which as yet has not seen it's full potential.)

I must say that no one has probably ever heard of me, so it gives me a headache (compounded with the alcohol fizzing around my bloodstream) trying to think what to write that would be worthy of such brilliant readers.

Any background information about me can be found in the few previous blog posts, please, please, please give me tips on what to and what not to do in a blog, I am new, please any advice is gracefully accepted!


I have decided to write about relationships or what I have personally experienced relationship wise in EVE. Being the former diplomat of my old alliance, I was often the one that pilots inside and outside the alliance either complained to, about, complimented, argued with, and deemed to do various other socialistic activities with. I also had the honour of being the Alliance Mascot, so meaningless to most people, but within the Alliance I was the ever-happy, cheerful and optimistic person in the chat channels.

I have a knack (no boasting meant) to befriend anyone and everyone. During times of war and uneasy relationships this was sometimes seen upon as suspicious from both my alliance and whoever at the time were our sworn mortal enemies. I have a theory you see, I treat people how I would like to be treated myself, why this would need to be different in a game compared to real life, I see no logical reason. I have always regarded pilots that were deemed a threat to us with utmost respect, besides there's no reason why we can't be civil to each other. Shouting vulgarity across the Local chat channels is unnecessary and often disheartening. Of course I am only human so my passive, outgoing, optimistic stance on everybody can sometimes slip or be biased, for this I can only say, sorry, but I am not perfect.

Of course I couldn't not mention the people that have blown my ship and sometimes my pod up to smithereens, whether it be through factional warfare, 0.0 skirmishes and being suicide ganked, I must say that, heck it's life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, that's EVE, and that's life, although no matter how unfair it may seem, that's how things work and I must say that I admire your spirit and determination for doing so.

Therefore I must conclude with Ushra'Khan and Against All Authorities who are our immediate neighbours and KOS in our space that I respect you guys. A good fight is what everyone wants, a bit of cheeky, non-abusive banter is flashed across the neocom are always fun to talk about, how that tighter orbit just clinched you of victory and how sometimes you decimate the opposing fleet with superior tactics and sheer CCP induced lag.

Again, thankyou very much Kirith, and I must say my body is yours forever.
Now to think of an extremely intelligent and meaningful post for next time.

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