Sunday, 24 January 2010

Moon Mining Fiasco

If you've never set up a POS, this may interest you.
If you have, you may laugh at our n00bishness. Hey, we were all n00bs once right?

This was, I admit, a story from a few months ago.

Nakatre (0.6), Devoid, Guild Alliance HQ.

My friend Northern Fall, who at the time I believe was the Guild Academy CEO, had been badgering me for a few weeks about setting up a moon mining POS. I had mentioned it to our alliance leader, he had advised against it as it was just not profitable, unless you had a moon with good goo. Unsurprisingly the moons with good goo had been taken and were in 0.0 security space. I pointed this out to North, not to mention the logistics, the costs and time involved.

However his badgering was very persuasive. After working out POS module costs, fuel costs and deciding what moon and where we would plant this business opportunity, North somehow came up with a positive monetary figure. Now, anything that says to me, money, without doing that much work? BINGO! So, I went along and partook in said venture.

This isn't a story really, it's all just preamble to a very memorable conversation and time we both shared. Anyone that has had the experience of setting up a POS will know the time involved in anchoring and onlining the blasted things, if not, it takes hours. Well, we did the whole make sure it's relatively safe stuff, NORTHERN FALL THEN WARPED US TO THE CHOSEN MOON and I then proceded to anchor and online said POS and modules.

So after two whole said hours (which to me is an insane amount of time), I check the POS overview. Now I can't remember what it said exactly, but it was along the lines of "This moon has no harvestable resources". That can't be right, I must have done something wrong, basic systems were online, I hadn't set up anything surplus, what is wrong?

Here comes the memorable part:

MushskiC > North, is this the right moon?
Northern Fall > **coughs**
Northern Fall > **straightens tie**
Northern Fall > no.
MushskiC > **facepalm**

All that time wasted! Not only did I now have to offline and unanchor everything, but then anchor and online everything again at the right moon! Bah! Grade A mistake.

That my friends is my funny story for now, every time I read that conversation I just laugh, it may not be funny to others, but to me, well I'm still laughing.

Mush's pr0tip after all this? Check you're at the right moon before doing anything. ;)

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