Sunday, 24 January 2010

Paxton Space Under Attack

Providence has been at arms for a few weeks against the residents of Catch. After Dominion Against ALL Authorities decided to give up the systems F9E-KX, SV5-8N, WD-VTV and 9KOE-A. After time Libertas Fidelitas Alliance decided to make a play for these systems, because I wasn't fully involved and currently still am not involved due to real life getting in the way, I cannot say how this went. However after much pew pew, LFA had gained 3 out of 4 systems with .-A-. firmly holding onto SV5-8N. HED-GP the neighbouring system is of great logistical importance to them and they are adamant that it will not fall into our "slaver" hands. Good on them too, they are putting up a great fight.

With .-A-. occupied in the war against Goonswarm though us Providence holders are having an easy time. However yesterday .-A-. turned around and slammed a whole different game on Providence, namely by attacking the system of D-GTMI, an important system for the Paxton Federation. We did fear that this might have been the response and kudos to .-A-. they steamrollered over us with superior numbers and firepower. Able to knock out the Cynosural Jammer and jumpbridges, Providence holders were going to have a hard time regaining control, especially against the capital fleet that .-A-. deployed inluding Supercarriers and Titans. Defense fleets did the best they could however the response was too little and too late. D-GTMI had been hit, and hit hard.

Currently I do not know how things are playing out for Providence Holders, however I must congratulate the defense fleets and fleet commanders for doing the best they could under overwhelming odds. Congratulations are in order to .-A-. and allies as well for their swift and devastating blow. May there be many more fights!

NB: Yes, I am with Paxton Federation so of course I am against the scum invading our space, but still a little credit for the unblessed ones can't go amiss.

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