Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Skill Plan Update Jan '10

As you can tell from the pie chart, I have increased my Missile related skills allowing me to use T2 Heavy Missiles, my Leadership skills for the much wanted Nighthawk, and chucked in some Gunnery skills for a much needed sniper ship. A sniper Rokh is my dream, but being shield tanking, it is frowned apon in most fleets, so a sniper Apocalypse is more likely. (Might sneakily buy a Rokh though).

So far I am 7 days away (if I were to train for it) from my fully fitted Nighthawk, money wise I am far from it! Especially considering the way I wish to fit it. I have wondered whether or not to get one now, since a Raven can easily do the same job, with more DPS, not to mention being cheaper and having insurance.

My aim this year? To get a Chimera, one of the best looking ships in New Eden in my opinion. To fly one would take me about 84 days, easy right? Well considering that is just the ship and I'm looking at 900M isk for just the skillbooks not to mention the hull. To get my Chimera fully fitted, so including the use of Capital Shield Booster, Capital Shield, Energy, Armour and Structure Transfers, Fighters and Triage Module will take about 216 days. Sadface. Mind you I might get the carrier just for the logistics side, transporting goods in and out of Providence will be a lot easier for me. Thankfully m3 Corp does Carrier runs very frequently and for free, but I could join in me thinks, help everyone else out. And besides if the proverbial hits the fan, it's just gonna be another unfitted carrier on battleclinic which will be outraged at.


  1. The rokh can be a fine sniper battleship with great EHP and the ability to use faction ammo at ranges that other ships are having to use T2 long range ammo. Just fit a plate and a DCU in the lows, and you don't need to worry about shield tanking; you'll have 50-something-k EHP. Plus, you don't have the negative side effects of T2 ammo. I fly all sniper BS, but the only reason I don't fly my rokh all the time is the fact that it ties up more isk (costs no more to lose than the others, but costs more to buy and insure)

  2. Hmmm, do you have a plated sniper-Rokh fitting you could possibly share? =D